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i am officially re-opening my streaM 4 investigations from my graduate design thesis to finish certain incomplete work and dig deeper into laughter, humor and the areas inbetween — stay tuned updates

everything else seems a lot less exciting &/or important to me right now — but, of course, there's more information down below from my recent and not-so-recent past if you're interested and care to peek ;]

on previous episodes of lou suSi dot me

i recently switched up and moved from full-time, permanent employment to the luxurious and fun lifestyle of an independent professional — check out my latest professional life's work out on lou suSi dot com

so for those that are wondering { and i honestly can't blame you } — yes, this means i have parted ways with Schneider Electric after only less than half a year of employment with the firm — it was a short but intense bunch of months in which i made some really good friends and colleagues and then, like a little dainty ladybug, i flew way into the sky to design another day, just someplace else ;]

on Saturday, July 6th 2013 — almost one month since our last appearance — Lee Todd Lacks, Tom Swafford and i perform out at the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival — we'll perform Ghost Mall, PantyWorld and other new, humorous song material with skit-based theatrical socioeconomic commentary in the mix — this should be a LOT of fun, we hope to see ya there ;]

on Saturday, June 8th 2013 i performed a smallish set of songs with Lee Todd Lacks and Tom Swafford out at Nave Gallery's new, interdisciplinary performance works events called 'Synthesize, Improvise and Otherwise' as curated by the indelible, ingenious Boston performance legend Matt Samolis

Come out to see 'Synthesize, Improvise and Otherwise,' you know you wanna ;]

this Summer i'm teaching Interaction Design by night at Massachusetts College of Art and Design — this is the third year in a row teaching the art and business of IXD to the CE at MassArthere are the deetz

on Friday, February 8thmy beautiful bride Carol and i celebrate our twelfth wedding anniversaryi love you so much Carol :] — we will most likely spend the day and night snowed in, enjoying each others' exclusive company, conversation and companionship in our little house on the hill in Boxford

i just started writing about using a storyFirst methodology as a means of design, as a personal and professional philosophy meant to change our lives and the lives of others through design — stay tuned for more details as the writing evolves

i recently redesigned and resuscitated Coffee Thirsty | Refill — the place that Marco D'Amico and i co-blog about all thangz coffee, café and latté, check it

i also recently started up a new stream of cyberSurreal research, an extension of my investigations into human advocacy through design and performance — i call this new stream from robots to puppetsread more and get a basic sense of where i'm going with my critical design research and experimentation this time around here

i recently published an online version of an old epic poem i wrote called 'the venus of suffering' up on issuu — the poem tells a lot about my views on the human condition by asking a lot of questions about suffering, and specifically, about comparing suffering in a very judgmental { and typical } way — see what you think

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on Wednesday, November 28th i featured at Outloud Open Mike at The Beebe Estate in Melrosemore deets up on the Outloud website and on the official Outloud Facebook Event page, thanks to everyone that came out to Outloud ;]

on Wednesday, November 14th Robert Fiztgibbon and i co-hosted and co-moderated a UX Roundtable to discuss and debate the hot topic 'Immobilized: How the Push for ‘Mobile First’ Confounds User-Centered Design' AIGA Boston and Mobiquity sponsored the evening — fantastic turnout with Boston-area UX professionals from MathWorks, InContext Design, Alphabetica, SoundBite and the Center for Social Innovation — thank you to everyone that came out to make for a fun, successful and informative evening!

on Tuesday, April 24th i presented
my 20x20 talk 'The 2012 Human eXperience Report' out at PechaKucha Night #26 check out the amazing line-up of presenters out at Club OBERON in Cambridge that night by clicking this little thing down here on the left:

i'll also got to participate in the Web Innovator's Group Supper Club on 'Empowering Commerce through Mobile' on Monday, April 30th — the WebInno Supper Club format brings together about a dozen or so entrepreneurs and executives with expertise and passion surrounding a particular, timely subject in the tech / innovationSpace

i am just starting up with a new branch of my UX career at Schneider Electric as part of the Modular Solutions team, driving a human-centered, omni-channel approach to all experience design for the cutting-edge, embedded energy and data center systems made by Schneider

i just recently finished up working as the Senior User Experience and Innovation Architect for the startup Mobiquity's Creative and UX team, creating smartphone, tablet, ubiquitous and web technology designs

i taught an Introduction to Web Design course out at Brookline Adult and Community Education in the absolutely beautiful Brookline Access Television facilities { in The Blue Lab } on Thursday evenings in Spring 2012

i earned my MFA in Design from Dynamic Media Insitute in December of 2011 and will officially walk in May ... take a peek at my thesis book 'coNfouNDeD: future fetish design performance for human advocacy' up on Blurb, aight?

David Tamés and i finally wrapped up the official exhibition catalog for the legendary cyberSurreal and immersive November 2010 Provocative Objects exhibit-event ... tentatively called debriefed, more details can be found on the Provocative Objects website and all social web extensions from the show

general + previous updates
i recently showed a new cyberSurreal evolution of my shellPhone project stream out at Fountain in Brooklyn, New York ... this latest installment, aptly entitled 'Archipelago,' made another playfully farsical, implied statement about our relationship to nature, technology and each other as filtered through the capitalist, consumerism afterlife of what a more philosophically bound, nearly-democratic social landscape

on May 6th 2011, Carol gorgeously modelled 'webCam Bra for Living I/O' out at the Mobius Wearable Art Runway Show ... many thanks to the ultratalented DESI, providing cyberSurreal and sexy touches of glamour for this fashion debut of the BcSi { photo and videoDocumentation still soon to come }

collaboratively worked in the Summer of 2011 with usefication to create the ultimate social web experience 'spacebook 3000' ... in early Summer 2012 i returned to MassArt to continue on this critical mission as the lead facilitator { and instructor } for Interaction Design { 'IxD, revisited' }

i taught over the Summer of 2011 at both SMFA and Massachusetts College of Art and Design ... with continued work for MassArt Made, RaceQuest, Century Elevator, Stoneridge Children's Montessori School, Trilogy Law and other amazing companies ... i also taught an intense and fun semester of Web and Experience Design at Endicott College in the Spring of 2011 on the beautiful seaside of Beverly

and HUGE congratulations go out
to all the amazing students out at ArtScience Prize for an incredible semester of Design and ArtScience project work exploring the theme of 'The Future of Water' ... i had the pleasure of teaching design to a fantastic group of high school students at ArtScience / Cloud Foundation on Boylston Street in Boston ... a distinct honor and privilege to teach and mentor each multi-talented, passionate student and help push such fascinating, inspiring and lovingly-seeded ideas

previous publications

also check out books of my early poetry up on Lulu: collected poetics: poesy from 1987 to 1992 and 17 poeMs by lou suSi ... i also helped design and produce the poetry books of my good friends 'Shadows and Light' by Catherine Wang Hsu and 'Thunks From Me Head' by Christ P Borden

my ux career history

i have had the amazingly good fortune to collaboratively innovate and design for a ridiculously long list of teams, companies and organizations over the last 17+ years of persistent and nearly-silly determination to improve our human experience in life by optimizing the interactive experiences we 'deal with' on a daily basis ... my previous user experience design and architectural engagements include work for the following organizations { in reverse chronological order }: Mobiquity, Avid, Dimdim, Monster, WebEx Communications,Tubes { aka Adesso Systems }, GoldK and other assorted and sundry companies

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